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Mass communication for children Promotion Project

Forms of mass communication that reach our children affect their behavior, mental development and self-expression.

But it seems that a considerable number of media producers are not concerned with presenting accurate and balanced information; nor do they appear interested in presenting entertainment that is suitable for young audiences. Such entertainment adversely affects the thinking and behavior of children.


In 1980, the Mass Communication for Children Promotion Project was initiated as a result of an effort by individuals and academic groups interested in mass media and children. This project sought to study the impact of media on child audiences, and promote media programming that is appropriate for children?s healthy development. Project supporters have attempted to inform the public about media issues in order to involve more people in the pursuit of better media programming.



  • Host information sessions for groups in urban and rural communities about children?s media environment. Children are active participants in these sessions and they gain valuable experience presenting their ideas and engaging in discussions.
  • Educate specific target groups in media literacy training (especially children, parents and teachers).
  • Support the production of child-friendly media through radio, print materials (such as comic books), and lending libraries. These initiatives involve the participation of children in the creation and broadcast of media content.
  • Encourage concerned parties to provide suitable mass communication products to children.
  • Conduct research about the effects of mass communication on children?s development.
Campaign to raise public awareness about the effect of media on children.


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