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The Child Labour Project

More children work in Asia than on any other continent. Recent statistics estimate that there are approximately 1 million children between the ages of 13-17 working in Thailand today.  Too often, these children find themselves working in unfamiliar and sometimes inhumane conditions, far from the support of their families and communities.

The Child Labour Project aims to combat child labour and to protect the rights of working children.  As much of the work done by children is transient, informal, hidden or illegal, the project has had to devise alternative approaches to reach those children most in need.

Successful programs include a newsletter and radio program designed especially for working children, and an emergency crisis hotline.  In 1992, the FCD began The Child Labour Club, which runs activities every week and provides a safe space for children to engage in peer-to-peer support and problem solving.  The club emphasizes participatory action and promotes working children as crucial partners for change.


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