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The Family and Community Development Project

There are not enough activities and spaces for children to play and develop. Many children are surrounded by inappropriate and unhealthy diversions.

Often they do not have enough guidance and support from their families and communities. Some children, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, do not have the opportunity to engage in childhood activities.
The Children?s Recreation Project became one of the foundation?s programs in 1986. The program sought to provide recreational activities for underprivileged children. The name of the program has been changed to the Family and Community Development Project in order to emphasize co-operation between families and communities.
Project Activities

Recreation programs : Running fun and dynamic recreational programs for underprivileged children all over Thailand.  Long-term recreation centres been established for communities in Sisaket province, Samut Prakan, YaLa , Pattani,Narathiwat and Bangkok.
Government partnerships : Cooperating with government organizations such as The Home of Reformatory for Girls and Boys (Juvenile Court) to provide children with suitable activities such as music, drama, art therapy, and family camps.
Public awareness :  Encouraging families, communities and Thai society to take part in ensuring children?s well being through workshops, special events, and educational media materials.


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