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Project for the Little Hungry

Hunger continues to be a common problem in Thailand?s provincial areas, and many rural children are malnourished.  Rural children often come from poor or disadvantaged families, and lack the resources and opportunities necessary for healthy physical and personal development.

The Project for the Little Hungry strives to provide rural children with a wide range of support services.  Project staff work closely with village communities to develop sustainable programs geared towards helping children become self-reliant citizens.

Project Activities

Food and agriculture support : Providing immediate hunger relief, and building the foundations for long-term supplementary nourishment.

Specialized servicers : Assistance given to rural families struggling with problems such as unemployment and AIDS.

Building local capacity : Providing rural communities with support and resources that empower them to address local challenges and to work towards the well-being of rural children.

Researching rural children?s issues : Monitoring and analyzing the unique social problems faced by provincial communities to aid in developing relevant and effective programs.


>> process or Cooperation and expanding result

>> Process of Volunteer Capacity Building and Developing

>> Operation Chart of Child and Youth Volunteer


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