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You can help with a donation to support the construction of a ?Building for the Little Ones?

The Foundation for Child Development (F.C.D.) is a public charity organization that provides direct support to various groups of children in difficult circumstances to develop themselves physically, psychologically and socially. The FCD has conducted rescue operations and provided protection and developmental opportunities for children in need since 1982. The FCD’s Santikham Child Development Center in Samut Prakan will become a center to provide recovery and rehabilitative services, as well as developmental activities to children of disadvantage groups so that they may learn new ideas, new knowledge and new skills. To date, there are approximately 2,000 such children that have benefitted from these services each year, including some 100 children who had been abused and removed from abusive situations. Another 1,000 FCD volunteers and staff of partner agencies also enjoy opportunities to learn and share experiences in child protection and child development.

Based on these ongoing and increasing activities, the FCD has realized that it is necessary to construct a “Building for the Little Ones” which will be a two-storied building with 366 square meters of floor area that will be used to conduct activities and provide services to disadvantaged children. The building will be located at the Santikam Child Development Center, Foundation for Children, Soi Bearing 2, Muang District of Samut Prakan. The new building will serve as a learning and play space that children will enjoy developmental opportunities which are appropriate to their ages and needs. All activities will contribute to children’s creative learning processes, with their full participation as well as that of their family members and the community. This will, in turn, enrich the children’s learning and develop their creativity.

Please make a donation to support a “Building for the Little Ones” at
the Foundation for Children (FCD.)
143/109-111 Moo Ban Pinkhlao Patthana, Arun-amarin
Bangkoknoi, Bangkok 10700
Tel. 02-433-6292, 02-435-5281
Fax: 02-4355281 x 102 E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or transfer the money to:
A/C name “Foundation for Child Development”
Savings account no. 047-2-43499-5
Kasikorn Bank, Bangyikhan Branch

** Please send a copy of your pay-slip together with your name and address in order to issue you a
receipt which is tax-deductable.
** For donation at 50,000 baht and above, your name will be engraved on the building walls.

Thank you very much for your kind support.




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The Foundation for Child Development is a tax-exempt foundation under the Ministry of Finance, No. 179 - charitable giving for children. Your donations will be tax-deductible with receipt.

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